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A Word on Words

I'm finally doing it! Welcome to my blog.

I've been fascinated with the art of writing publicly for years, however, I've never had the time (let's be real, the boldness) to make my mark on this online community. However, it seems like all signs are pointing me in this direction...so, here goes.

I've always loved words - from an obsession with Scrabble as a kid, to my current podcast addiction - I believe words are powerful, enticing, and should be treasured.

I think the complexity of language is what captivates me - how God gave us a mode of communication that can be both so assuring and so destructive. When used correctly, words are the most precise form of encouragement and truth. If abused, words become the deepest wounds to the heart.

Words have immense power to hurt, but they also hold the same ability to heal.

Over the past few years, I've fallen in deeper love with words - how they encapsulate the longing, the joy, the imperfection, the surprise, the fear, the trial, the peace, the hope of life on this earth.

It is my prayer that these words on this blog can make you feel something. That they can encourage, inspire, and uplift. That they are received with open hearts and minds. That they reach who they need to.

Let the adventure begin.

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