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One of my favorite worship songs talks about being "full but not satisfied."

Those words rattle around in my brain quite often. I think it's because, when left to my own devices, that's where I get stuck.

Full, but not satisfied. Trapped in a busy, but unfulfilling schedule. Lots of obligations and few delights. Surrounded by an array of acquaintances and to-do lists, but lacking the purpose of a life deeply lived. From the outside, this lifestyle might look productive. It's certainly full of good things. But deep down, this aimless occupation often leaves us burnt out. In my experience, performance without purpose isn't sustainable.

Fullness and satisfaction. There's a big difference between the two. Fullness is based on circumstances and stuff, visible to outsiders. Satisfaction is found in something greater, immovable, unchanging.

I think it is so telling how recently, we've seen a couple of celebrities come forward and admit their need for something more. These people's houses and bank accounts are definitely full, but they're still not satisfied. These stars have access to all the power and fame in the world, but they're yearning for real satisfaction. They teach us that no amount of influence or status can silence the voices of anxiety or insecurity.

So, you could be Kanye West, with the success and the money and the clothing line...and still feel empty. You could be Justin Bieber, with the fanbase and the supermodel wife and the popularity...and still crave something more.

I love that Kanye and Justin have found satisfaction in Jesus. I love that they are using their platforms to point people toward a life of meaning and purpose and hope. I love that these two are evangelizing the good news of the gospel to millions. God will use the any person, any reputation, and any platform for His glory. No one (including you) is too far removed from the "Christian life" to be used by God. To be a part of His master plan to bring abundant life to this broken and hurting world. We've just gotta realize there's more to this life. We have to admit our desire for satisfaction.

Are Kanye and Justin doing this perfectly? No. But why is that our standard for the spotlight? I believe that every person, whether a pastor or a rapper, is on an individual journey to discover God. There is endless grace for that process. We all have questions, doubts, and misconceptions. We are imperfect humans pursuing a perfect God. They are no exception. I am no exception. I believe God calls us to progress, not perfection, and so any step closer to truth is worth celebrating.

Time after time, I run after the commitments, relationships, and possessions I think will make me happy. The things I think will satisfy. But, I always learn that these things aren't as satiating as I dream them up to be. I hope, even if it's in just one tiny area of your world, you're learning that too. I pray you're craving something more and you find it in your Creator.

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